Institute for Sustainable Innovation
Our Solutions and Implementation Create Stable Infrastructures of Cities and Towns, Settlements and Rural Areas

We carry out

Development of regional strategies and action plans using sustainable development principles

For more than 20 years, we have been developing strategies and programs for the development of regions and municipalities in the field of environmental management, environmental protection and sustainable development. 

Development of Ecological Atlases and Reports on Environmental Protection

Our unique experience in the collection, processing, synthesis and analysis of departmental and statistical information on environmental protection and the use of natural resources, possession of modern methods of interpretation, visualization and presentation of information allow us to prepare the best possible report on environmental protection.

Environmental Planning at the Local Level, Taking into Account the Opinions and Needs of People
Our approach to local environmental planning, based on geographical conditions in a broad sense (complex of local natural, social, cultural and economic factors) allows us to choose the methods of environmental planning that are the most appropriate for a particular area and the corresponding instruments.
Development of management plans for protected areas management anddevelopmen
We create protected areas management plans and corresponding measures for planning territory development, restoration of natural complexes and creation of environmental infrastructure using the latest technologies and best practices. They increase the value of ecosystem services of protected areas in compliance with the established restrictions and with the goal of maintaining the flow of ecosystem services.
Development of hunting management schemes
We have successfully prepared hunting management schemes for 6 regions of Russia, our works have laid the foundation for increasing the efficiency of hunting management, ensuring the rational use and conservation of hunting resources and their habitats, reducing the threat of socially significant depletion of hunting resources, and the loss of biodiversity.
Prevention of Conflicts in Environmental Management
We have considerable experience in conflict resolution in environmental management. We carry out projects aimed at preventing conflicts between the city and the adjacent territory, as well as identifying and preventing crises of resource use taking into account the rights of various social groups.
Ecologization of industrial territories in conditions of transition to green economy and sustainable development of the urban environment
The transition to a green economy and sustainable development requires a revision of approaches to the role of industrial areas. The requirements for organization and management change, taking into account their key role in ensuring economic growth, along with the created environmental risks.
Planning of investments based on the results of integrated environmental and economic accounting
An analysis of changes in prices for natural resources and ecosystem services provides important information for a purposeful impact on attracting investment in the fields connected with the use of natural resources and ecosystem services.
Greening industrial territories
Our experience in organizing and managing industrial zones shows the feasibility and long-term benefits to reduce the negative impact and improve the ecological situation in the regions.
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Strategic environmental assessment contributes to more sustainable development and closer integration of environmental issues in the strategic decision-making process.


Our experts took part in the 51st scientific expedition of the Baltic Federal University and the Institute of Oceanology of the RAS
The expedition included works at the offshore site of the carbonic polygon of the Baltic Federal University.
The new accounting system will allow to revaluate nature for the economy
The GDP will be replaced by a new accounting system that integrates natural capital into economic reporting (SEEA - Ecosystem Accounting).

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