Institute for Sustainable Innovation

About Us

Science and Technology Center "Resources and Consulting" is a dynamic innovative company that performs the functions of the parent organization in the group of companies of the same name and part of the Research and Consulting Syndicate Institute for Sustainable Innovation. In the context of increasing global risks, primarily related to environment and climate change, we focus our attention on increasing the resilience of businesses, territories, cities and settlements.

The emphasis is placed on our own scientific projects and promotion of innovations in sustainable development, green inclusive growth, the formation of sustainable infrastructure of cities, settlements, rural areas.

For over 25-year period of work of the group of companies, we have accumulated invaluable experience of implementing unique projects. Due to own databases, innovative projects and products, the group of companies' organizations help business, local authorities and communities to improve their sustainability and competitiveness in the modern, rapidly changing world. We find the answers to many questions, the main of which are:

What is the value of natural capital (including ecosystem services and products) and what are the environmental risks?
 How much does economic and financial efficiency of business activity depend on environmental risks and the use of natural capital?

Our huge experience in the economic assessment of natural capital and specially protected natural areas in Russia allows our clients to determine the importance of natural assets for company’s capital and products at the federal, regional and local levels; the availability of an appropriate database and the results of many pioneering studies on environmental damage and environmental risks help to manage risks in the context of volatile commodity prices and increase of environmental costs; to entry new markets and promote the product ultimately creating more sustainable business models and brand names.

The main aim of our approach is to assess the economic value of natural capital and risks not only in physical terms (tons, pieces, etc.) but also in money in order to help our clients understand environmental risks from the point of view of both business and local authorities. In assessments, we mainly use the income method that takes into account behavioral preferences of nature users and organizational culture. This is an assessment of natural and techno-natural complexes, industrial areas, specific resource chains and environmental risks. It includes carbon, water, land use, waste and pollutants, biodiversity conservation and the development of ecotourism.

Many years of experience and deep knowledge in the field of environmental and economic analysis and simulation, environmental and production technologies, environmental legislation, experience in project management, development and approval of environmental documents in state bodies, interaction with state and municipal structures allow us to successfully implement projects for chemical, oil refining, coal mining, machine-building, fuel-energy, food industries and others.

Work of the organization was certified by the International association of certification bodies IQNet on management quality systems (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015).

Our advantages

The experts of the Science and Technology Center possess very unique skills that allow them foresee the technological development in accordance with market demands and offer customers the solutions that meet their current and future needs.

  1. Wide range of products, services, approaches and ideas gives our clients a lot of new opportunities.
  2. Our employee’s knowledge and experience let us find solutions to all challenging problems.
  3. Guaranteed quality of the services meets Russian and international standards.
  4. Out work is based on the rich experience, practice and innovative sectorial solutions.
  5. We do not impose goals and ways of implementing the project on our clients, but we offer an individual approach that involves cooperation on defining clear project objectives and implementation of them.

Principles of work

— Priority of our clients' interests
— High quality standards
— Confidentiality
— Complex approach to problem solving
— Responsibility for commitments

We build trustful and honest relationships with market participants and intend to develop a strong brand image of "Resources and Consulting" as a reliable, highly professional partner.

Why us?

Our experts possess international toolkit for solution of environmental and economic problems, they create and promote best Russian and international practices in this area working for government bodies and local authorities, scientific institutions, non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

We develop, substantiate and help to implement optimal economically effective solutions in the field of risk management concerning health and environment protection and climate change adaptation.

Due to our international and local connections, we have the opportunity to organize discussion platforms, round tables, expert meetings devoted to sustainable development, inclusive economy, green growth, nature capital use, environmental risks, finding innovative solutions that help companies to anticipate, adapt faster and become stronger.

The main goal of our work is to transform our experience, professional knowledge and intellectual potential of the company into the real economic benefits for our clients. We share all these resources through the system of consultations and trainings, develop and implement proper management decisions that can guarantee the resilience of the business in the future.

Sustainability and business are inextricably linked nowadays. We as experts in sustainable development help companies and local authorities in achieving their goals considering the way they affect environment and broad layers of population. While helping our clients to achieve better results, we do not only contribute to the sustainability of their work but also find solutions to wider global problems such as access to natural resources and energy, protection of biodiversity and local communities.