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What’s the future of your company: managing risk or going with the flow?
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Scientific-Production Enterprise “Cadaster,” a dynamically developing organization of the Group of Companies “Resources and Consulting,” celebrates its 25th anniversary

Uncertainty, volatility, risks are becoming an inevitable feature of 2020. To keep the lights on, you need to be able to adapt to changes and adjust the inner processes to go through a difficult period and become even more powerful and ready for future challenges! We can help achieve sustainable development of enterprises and territories in an unstable environment, increase the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of companies and regions in the long term. We can give you a chance to survive through difficult times and come out well and prosperous.

Knowledge Center


We have collected all the knowledge and experience over many years of the work in the field of sustainable development, green inclusive growth, management of environmental risks, increasing the resilience of businesses, territories, cities and settlements.

Trainings, courses and webinars

We have combined the latest technologies of vocational training with the accumulated knowledge in the field of economics of nature management, environmental management, sustainable development, environmental planning, evaluation of natural capital.


We monitor and constantly improve the terminology used for describing the present situation and dynamics of the development of complex ecological and economic interactions.


Strategic environmental planning

An innovative product aimed at addressing the problems of improving the population quality of life and implementing the objectives of sustainable growth of territories.

Sociocultural approach to sustainable development planning for rural areas

A unique product that provides an opportunity to take into account the cultural codes of the local population in the sustainable development planning for rural areas with effective mechanisms of environmental management, understood and appreciated by local residents.

Town for women and children

Innovative project "Town for women and children" provides a fresh look at the development of urban space with the emphasis on low-cost activities that contribute to creating an "improvement environment"


Article by G.Fomenko "Spatial design and ecosystem services" was published in the journal "Problems of regional ecology". No. 1/2020
The article considers the features of ecosystem design as a new type of spatial project thinking based on the wider use of ecosystem services.
We took webinar "Using the CDP process to elevate your climate strategy" to expand our competencies in the field of non-financial reporting
The webinar was organized by South Pole, global climate change solutions provider.

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