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Adapting to climate change

Nowadays businesses can no longer ignore the physical, market, and regulatory effects of climate change. To respond the evolving challenges, companies need to be more aware of the potential risks associated with climate change and the best ways to adapt to them. If a company does not have a clear idea of ​​the potential impacts of climate change, this could be disastrous to its financial performance.

As a rule, when climate change increases, both capital and operating costs of companies increase as well. It becomes difficult to implement production processes, increase production volumes, eliminate technical incidents and the consequences of industrial injuries, and maintain working conditions. In particular, adverse environmental conditions can lead to flooding of facilities and equipment, failures in the power and water supply systems; an increase in temperature causes the equipment to overheat and slow down production processes, and reduces equipment life.

The most advanced companies seek a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities of a changing climate and take steps to reduce their carbon footprints (emissions from the manufacture of their products), as well as emissions from the sale and use of their products. More and more companies are developing corporate climate strategies in such a way that adaptation to climate change, reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency go along with maintaining and increasing their economic potential. It is no coincidence that recently shareholders and investors have started to support climate solutions and related efforts of companies.

Our team helps clients respond to the climate risks, as well as work in new markets and in new conditions due to regulation of the carbon footprint and renewable energy. We carry out climate risk and vulnerability assessments, support organizations in the development and implementation of climate risk adaptation strategies, conduct greenhouse gas emissions assessments, and develop scientifically, technologically and investment-based measures to reduce the carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

The issue of adaptation to climate change is increasingly on the agenda of board meetings, investors are increasingly diversifying their portfolios and take into account the risks associated with climate change when making decisions. We will all have to adapt to unpredictable climate changes, and it’s easier to do this with an experienced and reliable team of specialists. The approach of “Resources and Consulting” to the provision of services in the field of adaptation to climate change is based on our long-term practical experience, our own vast methodological base and the recognized international standards.

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