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Uncertainty, volatility, risks are becoming an inevitable feature of 2020. To keep the lights on, you need to be able to adapt to changes and adjust the inner processes to go through a difficult period and become even more powerful and ready for future challenges! We can help achieve sustainable development of enterprises and territories in an unstable environment, increase the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of companies and regions in the long term. We can give you a chance to survive through difficult times and come out well and prosperous.

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We have collected all the knowledge and experience over many years of the work in the field of sustainable development, green inclusive growth, management of environmental risks, increasing the resilience of businesses, territories, cities and settlements.

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We have combined the latest technologies of vocational training with the accumulated knowledge in the field of economics of nature management, environmental management, sustainable development, environmental planning, evaluation of natural capital.


We monitor and constantly improve the terminology used for describing the present situation and dynamics of the development of complex ecological and economic interactions.

Case Studies

Object of Negative Impact on the Environment: How to Control and Manage?

The risk-oriented approach is integrated into the current management system of the object of negative impact, as a tool for objective assessment and monitoring of the most acute environmental situations. This made it possible to increase the efficiency of managing the problem object, create a reliable evidence base, establish interaction with stakeholders and strengthen the socially responsible image of the enterprise. 

Climate Strategy Opens Up New Markets and Raises Ratings

An effective Climate Strategy has been developed — a system-forming document defining the Company's policy and activities in the climate sphere. The Company's rating and access to new markets in a highly competitive environment depend on competent and consistent actions to reduce the carbon footprint within the framework of a strategically sound and tactically verified climate program of the Company. Partners, investors and consumers of the Company expect meaningful climate actions.

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Our experts took part in the 51st scientific expedition of the Baltic Federal University and the Institute of Oceanology of the RAS
The expedition included works at the offshore site of the carbonic polygon of the Baltic Federal University.
The new accounting system will allow to revaluate nature for the economy
The GDP will be replaced by a new accounting system that integrates natural capital into economic reporting (SEEA - Ecosystem Accounting).

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