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Non-Financial Reporting

Information about the climatic, environmental and social spheres of a company's activities, “Non-Financial Reporting”, will make a tangible contribution to the formation of the company's image. It will allow you to improve the quality of corporate governance and systematize and stimulate your achievements in the areas of environmental, social, climate and other programs and initiatives.


All parties related to a business are interested in the disclosure of non-financial statements including:

Refusal to provide non-financial reporting, or "secrecy", can significantly reduce your chances in the area of market competition and can complicate cooperation with investors and clients.

The “transparency” of information about a company's activities increases loyalty and demonstrates the company's commitment to principles of sustainable development. Disclosure of all necessary information also helps to prevent risks to a company’s image with it being more financially sound to solve this in advance, rather than to eliminate consequences later.

Non-Financial Reporting Standards

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a system developed by leading experts to help companies prepare non-financial reporting. Its use is voluntary, but it greatly facilitates the process of assessing and analyzing the full picture of the company's current activities in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

CDP is the most respected independent organization working in the field of international climate and environmental reporting. CDP collects information on the activities of companies and territories aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change, gathers data on the use of forest and water resources and on actions to restore them along with methods to minimize such use. CDP partners with leading global investors to help companies increase their chances of receiving profitable financial support. CDP non-financial reporting is a chance to create the image of a reliable partner among all stakeholders.

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is a non-profit organization which develops recommendations on voluntary disclosures about companies' financial risks associated with global climate change. The TCFD helps companies provide stakeholders with information that can be used to attract investment and make solid management decisions.

Analysis of Non-Financial Company Reports

NTC Resources and Consulting has been developing non-financial reporting for enterprises and industrial companies for 8 years. We work in strict accordance with international standards and ESG criteria and closely with specialized consultants at the international level.

The services of the specialists at NTC Resources and Consulting include:

We prepare non-financial reporting in close cooperation with you.

Non-Financial Reporting

Years of successful experience and a constantly growing client base are proof of the effectiveness of our approach to preparing non-financial environmental reporting.

Non-financial reporting of the company

An example of a project we have completed: a report on sustainable development prepared for one of the companies in the Yaroslavl region. Implemented in three versions: for the expert community, for the local community and the public and for a wide range of stakeholders, respectively.

Fee for Our Services

The fee for the services we provide is determined by the complexity of the technological processes at the enterprise.

Contact us to compile full-fledged non-financial reporting for your company and analyze the existing picture of risks and ways to overcome them.

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Read more about non-financial reporting in our article "Integration of Non-Financial Corporate Reporting into the Overall Strategy of Enterprises as an Important Element in the Adaptation of Russian Business to WTO Conditions"

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