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Ecosystem Services

Human well-being depends on natural capital and ecosystem services. Despite the incredible demand, many of these are under threat. If allowed to happen the complete loss of ecosystem services will lead to irreparable consequences for businesses, territories and their competitiveness.

Public concern about the disappearance of ecosystem services as a result of the activities of leaders and managers puts significant pressure on companies and territories, their reputations and the degree by which investors are attracted. Natural capital and ecosystem services are becoming critical for the economic success and sustainability of enterprises, regions, states.

Assessment of ecosystem services

Ecosystems provide three main types of services:

Ecosystem Services

The underestimation of natural capital and ecosystem services is still a major economic problem. To solve these issues we need qualitatively new tools for studying, managing and using the development of ecosystem services.

Assessment of Ecosystem Services

Information about the state and value of ecosystem services is an important factor to be considered when deciding on development strategies. Both the current state and conditions and the forecast are taken into account.

Benefits of evaluating ecosystem services

For Business

For Territories

Maintaining and strengthening market positions Creation of new types of goods and business opportunities
Formation of competitive advantages Maintaining a stable and controlled working environment
Reducing the risk of abrupt social and environmental changes Making more balanced strategic decisions at all levels of management
Increasing profitability and sustainable development of territories Perfecting the information and analytical base of natural resource management
Increasing the efficiency of using natural capital Identifying socially dangerous outcomes for economic development

Ecosystem Services in Business

For more than 20 years, NTC Resources and Consulting has been helping companies to effectively manage business processes taking into account ecosystem services: we measure and assess the impact of companies on ecosystem services and integrate this data into management and operational processes.

Regulatory ecosystem services

Our experts help answer the most difficult questions:

Nature and Economic Accounting System

To carry out an assessment of ecosystem services, we use the methodology of the System of Nature and Economic Accounting (SEEA), developed by the United Nations. SEEA is an international statistical standard used all over the world. Economic assessments of natural resources based on the SEEA methodology reflect the profitability of the use of natural resources, the forecast of their depletion and degradation, and the impact of these processes on the sustainability of the development of the territory.

As a result of the application of the SEEA, the executive authorities and local self-government bodies have the opportunity to:

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Cases «Evaluation of ecosystem services is an important factor in the effectiveness of climate forest projects».

Fee for of Our Services

The fees for the services that we perform are calculated individually for each specific customer, depending on the scope of their work, their production characteristics, technical aspects of their operations and more.

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