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Environmental Risks

Human activities, including the creation of industrial production and its operational activities, can lead to the emergence of environmental risks. The term “environmental risk” covers the likelihood of the occurrence of events that are unfavorable to the natural environment caused by the negative impact of human activities, as well as natural and man-made emergency situations.

Environmental risks may arise at any hierarchical level of an organized ecological system and at various trophic levels.

Objects related to biodiversity are most often exposed to ecological risks, namely the animal populations and those of flora and fauna. If the estimated or existing impact on these populations is underestimated, they may be exposed to critical levels of impact and possible extinction, which will negatively affect the entire natural environment of the region where the industrial facility is located.

Environmental risks

Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental risk assessment takes place over the course of, and after the completion of, three main tasks:

  • Determining which objects existing in the natural environment are negatively affected;
  • The determination of factors contributing to the creation of negative impact (detailed characteristics of the object, meteorological parameters, etc.);
  • Locating the point(s) at which the two factors above intersect: the exact locations where objects existing in the natural environment experience the greatest negative impact.

The case study is carried out to predict the possible environmental consequences, influenced and caused by certain factors, in order to assess the potential for environmental damage and to determine the real significance of current and future influencing factors.

Environmental risk assessment

The results of the environmental risk assessment provide transparent and objective information that serve as guidelines for the formation of management procedures, allowing stakeholders to develop and make informed decisions with regard to reducing the negative impact of operations on the environment, as well as to determine plans to rationally exploit and use ecosystems and resources.

Since the loss of biodiversity may lead to irreparable consequences affecting the functioning of your business, you need to be informed as to how your activities affect it and what measures can be taken to preserve it.

Environmental Risk Management

Comprehensive assessment of environmental risks on the enterprise and their timely management will provide your company with a number of advantages:

  • Improve the efficiency of management processes
  • Allow you to carry out competent investments and attract large investors
  • Provide up-to-date and complete information for all stakeholders: the authorities, the local community, etc.

NTC Resources and Consulting will help you find an effective tool for managing environmental risks and improving the environmental policies of your enterprise.

Our experts assess environmental risk in accordance with the provisions of GOST R 14.09-200583, GOST R 54135-201084, R 52.24.756-201185 and Guidelines for Ecological Risk Assessment.

In our work, we use only the most modern methods. Including:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Methodological calculations, expert assessments, forecasting and mathematical modeling of risks and impacts;
  • GIS modeling, interpretation of space imagery
  • Analysis of satellite data using the NDVI index.

Environmental risk

To facilitate the efficient performance our work, we adhere to the following principles of environmental risk assessment: "Transparency, Clarity, Consistency and Reason".

Our experts’ experience in carrying out environmental risk assessment is presented in the "Cases" section: Objects of Negative Impact on the Environment: How to Control and Manage?

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The fee for the services we provide is determined on an individual basis in accordance with the goals and objectives of the customer.

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Fee for Our Services