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Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is a fact that is becoming so obvious people can no longer simply ignore it. There are physical implications that threaten human well-being and are fraught with market and regulatory implications that will complicate the business sphere and even territorial management.

Adaptation to climate change

Physical Impact

Market and Regulatory Impact

• The average annual air temperature is rising, in Central Russia by almost 3° C,
• Precipitation is increasing, in Spring by 22%,
• Hazardous anomalous weather events are occurring with more frequency,
• The agricultural growing season is lasting longer.
• Strengthening of climate regulations in Russia,
• Heightened climate related motivation among investors (banks, funds, etc.),
• Higher prices for energy, equipment and raw materials,
• A shift in preference towards products with a low climate related footprint,
• Restrictions on the import of products (Cross-border carbon regulation).

The adaptation to climate change is now a prerequisite for the successful development of companies, organizations and territories, allowing for the prevention of possible risks, including those in the financial sphere of operations.

NTC Resources and Consulting provides the actual services you need to prevent all risks you may face associated with climate change.

Measures to Facilitate the Adaptation to Climate Change

Organizations that take measures to adapt to climate change tend to receive better funding and enjoy higher levels of consumer confidence. Modern investors and shareholders are diversifying their portfolios and now prefer to work with climate-responsible and proactive companies and to invest in sustainable and stable regions.

Our experts will help you create a climate change adaptation strategy which will assist in attracting new partners and customers and allow you to win in the fight with the competition.

What does a climate change adaptation plan consist of?

Climate adaptation

As climate change intensifies, capital and operating costs are also rising. Production processes require more and more financing, technical issues arise and it is becoming more difficult to maintain decent and adequate working conditions. If unfavorable natural conditions are not taken into account and a detailed plan for adaptation to climate change is not developed, an organization's facilities may be flooded, power supply and water supply systems may be shut down and the service life of all equipment may be reduced.

We understand that it is important to take into account the characteristics of an individual organization and territory, and for each client we develop an individual plan for adapting to climate change.

Climate change

Successful Climate Adaptation - A Sustainable Future

It is obvious that everyone will have to adapt to life under new conditions. Our team will help you to cope with the impact of climate change and with learning to work in the new environment of carbon footprint and renewable energy regulations.

What we do:

The authoritative and reliable team of specialists from NTC Resources and Consulting will provide the best assistance you can obtain in the process of adapting to climate change. We work in accordance with ISO 31000–2019 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines, and we follow the parameters in the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated May 13, 2021, No. 267 titled: On the Approval of Methodological Recommendations and Indicators on the Adaptation to Climate Change.

We have many years of practical experience reflected by data which shows:

Fee for Our Services

The costs of the services that we perform are calculated individually for each specific customer, depending on the scope of their work, their production characteristics, the technical aspects of their work and more.

To calculate the cost of developing your climate change adaptation plan, please contact us in any manner that is convenient for you.

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