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Are you driving engine of change or run over by it in these uncertain and turbulent times?

We carry out

Assessment of environmental and health risks
We have been developing risk assessment projects for more than 15 years, the experience of developing more than 100 risk assessment projects guarantees high quality and an individual approach in each case.
Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and development of measures to reduce them
Our experts have significant experience in the field of greenhouse gas emissions management, we help companies to apply modern carbon management and reporting strategies, increasing their competitiveness in the markets.
Development of corporate climate strategies
Climate strategies that we have prepared are integrated into the business strategies of enterprises, rely on effective processes for collecting information, monitoring and verifying data, and include measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, information on the risks and opportunities arising from climate change.
Development of non-financial reports
For more than 8 years we have been developing non-financial reports for enterprises and companies in accordance with international standards GRI, CDP, IIRC, SASB, UNCTAD, etc., we are closely cooperating with consultants of a high international level specializing in corporate reporting.
Assessment of the value of natural capital: economic, social, physical evaluation
The success of companies depends on the careful use of natural resources and ecosystem services, such as clean air and water, a stable climate and raw materials. All of them are included in the limited and irreplaceable natural capital of the planet, and company’s competitiveness and image as a socially responsible business depend on how effectively the company uses natural capital.  It also influences the company’s possibility for brand positioning and entering new markets in order to, ultimately, create more sustainable business models and brands, manage risks of volatile commodity prices and increasing environmental costs.
Environmental damage assessment
Environmental damage assessment allows companies to predict, prevent and reduce environmental costs of production caused by different reasons, including environmental violations
Measurement and assessment of impacts
Our unique databases, our own studies and many years of project implementation allow companies to identify and measure the environmental and social impact of investments; determine areas that are effective and reliable. This will improve the quality of strategic decision-making and the quality of reporting.
Development of reporting
Our environmental reporting services help to achieve the best international standards of reporting practice. This includes both carbon reporting, corporate non-financial reporting, and reporting for sustainable development.
Analysis of environmental and social benefits
Our unique databases, tools and a high level of understanding of problems help companies to identify the environmental and social benefits of business strategies, of the introduction of innovative products and technologies.


Fight against the COVID-19 virus. While the authorities are taking strict measures to fight the new threat, we have revised key aspects of doing business and switched to remote work
Each of our employees is 100% ready to work, the remote network mode does not affect the speed of solving problems - the team adopted the new rules of the game without any hesitation.

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