Institute for Sustainable Innovation
Are you driving engine of change or run over by it in these uncertain and turbulent times?

We carry out

Assessment of environmental and health risks
We have been developing risk assessment projects for more than 15 years, the experience of developing more than 50 risk assessment projects guarantees high quality and an individual approach in each case.
Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and development of measures to reduce them
Our experts have significant experience in the field of greenhouse gas emissions management, we help companies to apply modern carbon management and reporting strategies, increasing their competitiveness in the markets.
Development of corporate climate strategies
Climate strategies that we have prepared are integrated into the business strategies of enterprises, rely on effective processes for collecting information, monitoring and verifying data, and include measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, information on the risks and opportunities arising from climate change.
Development of non-financial reports
For more than 8 years we have been developing non-financial reports for enterprises and companies in accordance with international standards GRI, CDP, IIRC, SASB, UNCTAD, etc., we are closely cooperating with consultants of a high international level specializing in corporate reporting.
Assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services
We have been helping companies assess and evaluate their interconnections with natural capital and ecosystem services and integrate these considerations into existing business processes.
Evaluation and assessment of environmental impacts
For more than 20 years we have been carrying out environmental impact assessments of the construction of industrial facilities in accordance with the requirements of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.
Environmental damage assessment
Environmental damage assessment allows companies to predict, prevent and reduce environmental costs of production caused by different reasons, including environmental violations
Analysis of environmental and social benefits
Our unique databases, tools and a high level of understanding of problems help companies to identify the environmental and social benefits of business strategies, of the introduction of innovative products and technologies.


Our experts took part in the 51st scientific expedition of the Baltic Federal University and the Institute of Oceanology of the RAS
The expedition included works at the offshore site of the carbonic polygon of the Baltic Federal University.
The new accounting system will allow to revaluate nature for the economy
The GDP will be replaced by a new accounting system that integrates natural capital into economic reporting (SEEA - Ecosystem Accounting).

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