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Assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services

The business community worldwide is dependent on natural capital and ecosystem services. However, many of the world's ecosystems are in poor condition or at risk. Loss or degradation of ecosystem services can significantly affect the business environment, the competitiveness and profits of companies. Public concerns about the degradation of ecosystem services can affect company operations, reputation and brand, as well as its capitalization and the risk assessment by investors. Moreover, the loss of ecosystem services can affect the company's operations, increasing their value.

Regardless of the sphere, an enterprise becomes more competitive if its decisions on the development strategy, products, production and marketing are made on the basis of relevant information on the current and future state of natural capital and ecosystem services. It helps maintain a sustainable and peaceful environment in the society, maintain open and free markets, provide access to the most important resources, create new types of goods and business opportunities, avoid rapid social and environmental changes and, more importantly, achieve competitive advantages.

For over 20 years, we have been helping companies assess and evaluate their interconnections with natural capital and ecosystem services and integrate these considerations into existing business processes. We can help you find answers to such difficult questions as: What ecosystem resources and services does your business depend on directly or indirectly? What measures should be taken in the short and medium term to address critical ecosystem services issues? How can you create programs or plans to minimize impacts on ecosystems or to maintain and strengthen ecosystem services?

By answering these questions, you receive a number of new features and benefits:

The importance of natural capital is becoming crucial for the economic success and sustainability of companies in modern conditions, the assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services is necessary in any business sector.



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