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Risk management

2020 has become compelling evidence that threats and uncertainties prevail in today's global business environment. Companies face growing risks from stricter regulation, volatile markets and rising costs of raw materials, lack of resources and reputational damages. In the face of the ever-increasing environmental risks, boards need to understand how the risks affect their development strategies in order to manage those risks and change them into new opportunities.

For over 15 years, our organization has been helping companies manage environmental risks, including health risks. Environmental risk assessment becomes crucial when determining priority actions in environmental protection action plans, when evaluating their effectiveness, developing technical regulations, analyzing various options and methods of risk management. We help integrate environmental risks into investment and financial decision-making, evaluate them against other business priorities. The introduction of risk-based approaches in the environmental management of enterprises can minimize production costs and increase financial efficiency by preventing new environmental risks.

We assess environmental risks and health risks, justify mechanisms and strategies for various regulatory measures to reduce risks, rank sources of environmental pollution by risk levels, map risks, determine environmental policy priorities, identify those sources and risk factors that represent the greatest threat to the environment and human health.

Wherever our customers are located, we help them find answers to the most difficult challenges, choose strategic alternatives taking into account possible risks and give reasonable responses to destabilizing factors, ensuring business development and protecting reputation. We support our clients not only in calm times, but also in difficult crises, providing confidence and clarity of understanding of the situation when it is really necessary. We’ll give you the knowledge that allows you to make effective and informed decisions, anticipate and reduce risks, use the opportunities that are opening up, as well as achieve better results.

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