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Our experts took part in the 51st scientific expedition of the Baltic Federal University and the Institute of Oceanology of the RAS
The expedition included works at the offshore site of the carbonic polygon of the Baltic Federal University.
The new accounting system will allow to revaluate nature for the economy
The GDP will be replaced by a new accounting system that integrates natural capital into economic reporting (SEEA - Ecosystem Accounting).
We are expanding partnerships (SBTi and Climate partnership of Russia)
Group of Companies Institute for Sustainable Innovations has joined  the Corporate Working Group on Science-Based Targets (SBTi) and the Climate partnership of Russia.
Group of Companies Institute for Sustainable Innovations has successfully passed the annual external supervisory audit of the Integrated Management System.
The auditors noted that Companies are ready to deal with urgent challenges and risks, especially in the context of existing uncertainties.
Article by G.Fomenko "Spatial design and ecosystem services" was published in the journal "Problems of regional ecology". No. 1/2020
The article considers the features of ecosystem design as a new type of spatial project thinking based on the wider use of ecosystem services.
We took webinar "Using the CDP process to elevate your climate strategy" to expand our competencies in the field of non-financial reporting
The webinar was organized by South Pole, global climate change solutions provider.
Fight against the COVID-19 virus. While the authorities are taking strict measures to fight the new threat, we have revised key aspects of doing business and switched to remote work
Each of our employees is 100% ready to work, the remote network mode does not affect the speed of solving problems - the team adopted the new rules of the game without any hesitation.
In order to become even more efficient and offer you win-win solutions for saving costs and enhancing reputation advantages, we have passed a series of interactive online webinars Resource Efficiency for Businesses.
The training was organized by the German Corporation for International Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), VDI Competence Centre for Resource Efficiency (VDI ZRE) and Green Growth Knowledge Partnership (GGKP).
Leading experts of “Resources and Consulting” took part in a seminar – Russia, the UK and the world on the course of the low-carbon development
The seminar was organized by the Forum “Oil and Gas Dialogue” of the IMEMO and the Center for Energy Efficiency – XXI.  
Joint OECD/UNECE Seminar on Implementation of SEEA took place in Geneva
The aim of the seminar is to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and experiences on SEEA implementation and to facilitate coordination between all relevant partners in the OECD and UNECE regions.
Our employees took part in the meeting of the technical committee for standardization TK-409 "Environmental Protection"
The topic of the meeting was the improvement of environmental standardization.
We signed a Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (Armenia)
The signed agreement will facilitate the experience exchange and taking measures to prevent risks and reduce the vulnerability of local communities and national structures.
Our experts made a presentation at a meeting of the Rosstat Scientific and Methodological Council, which addressed issues of environmental-economic accounting
At the meeting Marina Fomenko, PhD, Assoc. presented the report "Methodological recommendations (roadmap) on the implementation of priority accounts of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) in Russia" based on the results of studies carried out by the organization.
Our employees took part in the international conference "Business and Biodiversity"
The conference was organized with the support of the Expocenter “Reserves of Russia” and the Russian Geographical Society within the framework of the federal project “Preservation of Biological Diversity and the Development of Ecological Tourism” of the national project “Ecology”.
The 16th session of the Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators was held in Geneva, Switzerland
The session was attended by leading experts – Georgy Fomenko and Marina Fomenko.
Article by Georgy Fomenko "Environmental Management: Evolution of Institutional Change, Part 1" was published in the journal "Problems of Regional Ecology" No. 4/2019
The article is devoted to the problem of increasing the effectiveness of environmental protection measures through the orientation of environmental institutions towards sustainable development, taking into account socio-cultural features of territories.
Article by G.Fomenko, M.Fomenko, K.Loshadkin and A.Mikhailova "Accounting and assessment of ecosystem services of the Novokuznetsk coal mining region" was published in the peer-reviewed journal "Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences". No. 3/2019
The article presents the results of the economic assessment of ecosystem and abiotic services of the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation as an important part of  the effectiveness analysis of the existing spatial organization of environmental management in terms of the sustainability of the territory development.
Marina Fomenko as an expert spoke at the IMEMO with a report “Development of the information and analytical base of integrated forest management in the Russian Federation”
The speech was a part of the discussion of the report “Conservation of the Amazon Forest as a Global Problem” by Professor Scott Saleska, University of Arizona, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

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