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Business and natural capital

Nowadays, managers of leading companies, mostly interested in increasing profit indicators, are forced to admit that the survival of a company largely depends on its image in the markets as a company using eco-friendly and resource-efficient technologies. 

Understanding the complex and dynamic relationships of business with environment and ecosystem services, analysis of their impact on the markets of the company allow to: 

• make more effective decisions for business development;
• reduce operational risks;
• improve the predictability and sustainability of supply chains;
• reduce liability risks;
• reduce regulatory, reputational, market and financial risks. 

Influential business actors are aware of this problem and today they are creating significant cases in the corporate world, successfully implementing their pilot projects in assessing ecosystem services.

Our great experience in assessing natural capital and ecosystem services within company development strategies and the availability of relevant databases help our clients determine the role of natural assets in company capitalization; manage risks in the face of volatile commodity prices and increased environmental costs; create appropriate image and enter new markets and ultimately create more sustainable business models and advertising strategies. We can find answers to many questions, the main of which are: 

• What is the value of natural capital (including ecosystem services and products) for your organization? • How much the economic and financial efficiency of your business depends on the use, conservation of natural capital and ecosystem services? 

The main thing in our approach is that we evaluate ecosystem services of natural and technical-natural complexes, industrial zones, in conjunction with the analysis of supply chains and environmental risks of organizations. 

We provide services for evaluation for natural capital and ecosystem services in accordance with the requirements of Performance Standard 6 of the International Finance Corporation “Conservation of Biological Diversity and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources” and System of Environmental-Economic Accounting – Central Framework. 

Our solutions can give new opportunities for your business by: 

• creating new markets and opportunities to address the degradation of ecosystem services;
• increasing authority and reputation, strengthening the brand and increasing the capitalization through sustainable management and active resolution of environmental problems;
• cost reduction and operational benefits through early actions to address the degradation of ecosystem services. 

 And since evaluation of natural capital and ecosystem services is only an emerging trend, many companies can get incomparable competitive in the long term. 

Contact us to learn more about evaluation of natural capital and ecosystem services for your business. 

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