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Non-financial reporting

In the conditions of fierce competition, companies and corporations, which underestimate the issues of creating and maintaining their positive image, inevitably experience difficulties in attracting investments, in expanding their ability to supply goods and services to domestic and foreign markets. Moreover, such undisclosed companies, the lack of information on the climatic, environmental and social aspects of their activities are used against them in competition and reduces the capitalization of the business.

Increasing attention to the transparency of companies by investors, customers, authorities and local communities in an aggressive competitive environment requires the business to disclose information about the non-financial (climatic, environmental, social) aspects of the work. At the same time, the top management and Boards of Directors, recognizing the direct impact of the company image on its capitalization, want to possess the most complete information in order to prevent image risks, and not deal with the already existing negative perception.

Preparing non-financial public reports, a business not only timely identifies and assesses the risks of its activities (first of all, climatic, environmental, social) and takes early measures to manage them, but also identifies new opportunities to increase its competitiveness. Public disclosure of non-financial information helps to increase the value of the company, its social significance and financial reliability, helps to strengthen investor confidence and create a positive image of the company.

We have been developing non-financial reporting of enterprises and industrial companies for more than 8 years in accordance with international GRI, CDP, UNCTAD and other standards, we are closely cooperating with consultants of a high international level specialized in corporate reporting. Based on the activities of the company, we are developing an affordable, reliable, balanced document with a description of the main aspects of the company and the achievements related to the policy of sustainable business development.

Our speed and flexibility allows our customers to note that corporate reports helped give a clear and realistic vision of the existing picture of risks and ways to overcome them, attract new investors, increase reputation, strengthen the brand and demonstrate leadership. The development of non-financial reporting causes some expenses, but it pays off with the benefits obtained in the form of sustainable profit indicators and long-term competitive advantages.

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