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Welcome to our Knowledge Center. Over the years of work in the field of sustainable development, green inclusive growth, risk management, improving the resilience of business, territories, cities and settlements, the group of companies "Resources and Consulting" has accumulated a large amount of useful and often unique knowledge about these processes. We are happy to share them with our customers and partners, as well as with all those who strives to develop in this direction.

Specially for you, we have created a digital library, in which we collect all our knowledge and works accumulated over many years. We have decades of practical experience behind it and we are willing to share it with our customers around the world, increasing the effectiveness of their work.

We update the information in this section on a regular basis, so bookmark this page or simply check it for changes more often.

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In the section you will find scientific literature, educational, methodical and practical manuals, reports, programs and action plans, written by the employees of the group of companies “Resources and Consulting”. We hope that this information will help you to gain specific knowledge in the areas of your interest and to learn more about our work.


Articles of fundamental and applied nature published by experts of the group of companies “Resources and Consulting” on key areas of research in the field of sustainable development, inclusive green growth, strategic environmental assessment, risk assessment, environmental management are collected here.

Presentation materials

The presentation materials in this section give an opportunity to learn more about our views, research, projects and the services we provide in a visualized format.