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Development of a software for dealing with odors complaints


A large industrial enterprise engaged in oil refining, located in the central region of Russia. It is located near the area of a city, three kilometers from urban development. The company takes an active part in the life of the city, an active position in environmental protection, strives to manage its negative impact on the environment and improve the environmental safety of its production.

YANOS Veter Software Package


Emissions from the plant pollute the air and have an unpleasant odor. The local population is dissatisfied with the current situation and sends complaints to the enterprise itself and to the supervisory authorities. The management realizes that it is necessary to react to this and prepare competent and reasonable answers.

They turned to us in order to develop a special software package that would become a tool for the formation of prompt, motivated and comprehensive reports on all complaints


We set ourselves the following task: it was necessary to create and ensure the operation of a mechanism that would allow for the loading, storing, comparing and displaying of various data on the direction of odor propagation from the sources of their formation and emission. The situation was aggravated by the lack of hygienic standards for odors and their dispersion.

In the course of working with the enterprise, we found out that it has been interacting with complaints from the population for many years and that a large database of measurements of the content of pollutants in places where unpleasant odors were detected had already been accumulated. In addition, it turned out that the enterprise possessed an anemorumbometer — a meteorological device that determines the direction and speed of the wind..

This information helped us develop the most accurate and efficient software package available. It became the basis for meteorological data (about the direction and speed of the wind) and the results of measurements of the content of pollutants at locations where complaints occurred and along the borders of the sanitary protection zone, acting as a means for comparing the necessary information when preparing answers and for visualizing data on a schematic map. All of this is necessary to create convincing reasoning in dealing with complaints from the public.

The software package will allow you to:
  • Search and analyze information from the database;
  • Automatically compare the concentration of pollutants obtained from the measurement results with the standard indicators;
  • Calculate the probability of detecting unpleasant odors (risks) based on the results of observations at the border of the sanitary protection zone, determine the characteristics of the risk and interpret it;
  • To analyze on a map the location where unpleasant odors (complaints) were detected and the directions of the spread of pollutants from sources having a negative impact on the environment for a given period of time;
  • Analyze summary information about complaints;
  • Analyze the geographical distribution of complaints across the territories adjacent to the enterprise.


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