Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Science and Technology Center “Resources and Consulting” is aimed at enhancing sustainability and resilience of local communities, organizations and companies in the context of increasing global risks connected primarily with environment and climate change. We are focused on making businesses, territories, cities and settlements more resilient. 

We use different forms of promoting sustainability, such as:

— research projects, 
— consulting services in the sphere of environmental and resource management,
— development of management modules for environmental and health risks in environmental-economic and social assessments,
— development and implementation of training courses and programs,
— conducting seminars and trainings, 
— preparation of the strategic planning documents  in the field of environmental protection and sound environmental management, 
— preparation of environmental permitting documents.

Our Vision

We strive to provide high-quality services, work in accordance with the ethical rules of doing business, help talented and qualified specialists to progress, take part in life of community of those regions where we implement our projects and contribute to environmental protection. 

We create values for business and communities based on conscientiousness, honesty and trust. Our skills help us to stimulate development of sustainability and reliable business. The main advantage of “Resources and Consulting” is implementation of the complex approach based on theoretical knowledge and introduction of best practices in environmental protection. 

Our clients trust us because we treat their businesses with interest and empathy, develop and implement effective consulting solutions in compliance with international technological and ethical standards. We carefully examine demands and expectations of our clients in order to exceed them and offer tools that allow measuring the results of our work objectively, immediately reacting to emerging problems. This approach helps to meet clients’ business targets reducing expenses and risks to the minimum. 

For us the result is not just financial gain but also the set of unique practical solutions which are long-term and reproducible and aimed at achieving a desirable goal.