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Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is a Key Tool of Green Growth for Sustainable Development

"The Earth Charter is the crown on all international documents." 

Federico Mayor (the Chairman of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace since 1999).

By the decision of the Board of Directors, all organizations of the group of companies “Resources and Consulting” endorsed the Earth Charter, which means our commitment to its principles, primarily the principles of social and environmental responsibility. On February 29, 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Earth Charter Initiative and the Science and Technology Center “Resources and Consulting” during the visit of the leadership of the group of companies to the University for Peace. For “Resources and Consulting”, it was signed by Georgy A. Fomenko, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Professor, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, for the Earth Charter Initiative - Mirian Vilela, Executive Director of the Earth Charter International Secretariat. The agreement provides for the cooperation of the parties in various projects and initiatives in the field of sustainable development.

This important decision is about the understanding that with every year the world is becoming more fragile; the emergence of numerous global documents on the turn of the century and millennia that claim to be "a guide to action" is quite expected in the new century. "Global Civil Ethics" (1995), "Universal Ethics" (1997), "Universal Declaration of Human Responsibility" (1997), Kyoto Protocol (1997), "Alliance for a United and Responsible World" ( 1998), the "Declaration on a Culture of Peace" (1999), etc. - this is far from a complete list of such documents. Each of these documents responds in its own way to the "global challenges" of our time, trying, first of all, to fill the "moral and ethical vacuum" of the modern civilization.

The Earth Charter takes a special place among them; it is a document containing the fundamental principles of creating an equitable, sustainable and peaceful global community in the 21st century. It is aimed at awakening a new sense of interdependence and universal responsibility for the prosperity of people and the entire living community. The goal of the Earth Charter is the transition to a sustainable way of living and sustainable human development. An essential condition for sustainable development is a careful attitude to natural resources. The key idea of ​​this progressive model is simply the following: the satisfaction of the vital needs of the world's population should not be achieved at the expense of future generations. The Charter recognizes that the need for environmental protection, poverty eradication, equitable economic development, respect for human rights, democracy and peace are interrelated and inseparable. The Charter represents a new, comprehensive moral and ethical basis to achieve such interdependence.

The significance of this document is confirmed by the fact that the Earth Charter has been officially recognized and ebdorsed by more than 4,800 organizations around the world. To date, the initiative is supported by many leaders of business and global initiatives, including the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI). The Earth Charter is rightfully considered as a key moral and ethical platform in the business dialogue with representatives of civil society and other interested parties. For example, today business actively uses the Earth Charter for successful reporting within the framework of GRI. It is no coincidence that business representatives who support the Earth Charter, but are not yet members of GRI, are recommended to join this global Initiative on Sustainability Reporting.

We can help you to use the Earth Charter effectively:

 We can inform employees of your organizations and companies about the Earth Charter in the process of trainings;
 We can teach you to evaluate your business activity in terms of the values ​​and principles of the Charter, using the recommendations of GRI;
 We can help to include the moral values ​​and principles contained in the Charter in the reports and statements of your companies on the mission and main objectives of your company's activities.

Thus, you will contribute to the development of social and environmental business. For our part, we will be developing and preparing materials and information resources, posting them on your website.