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Development of management plans for protected areas management anddevelopmen

Protected natural areas are becoming significant elements of social, cultural and economic space. However, many protected areas are poorly integrated into the socio-economic context of the territories they are located: there are conflicts with the local population and businesses, destructive behavior of local residents regarding functioning of protected areas. Mistakes in zoning, wrong definition of the status without taking into account social and economic activities, the lack of appropriate infrastructure - this is just some problems that the management of PAs faces every day. 

Our team has considerable experience in developing management plans and development projects of federal, regional and local protected areas, based on economic assessments of natural resources and ecosystem services, identifying the real and possible sources for maintaining their flows. We believe that setting goals, improving infrastructure, attracting and using investments effectively are essential elements of the approach. For effective planning, we use geo-information technologies – we create management maps/schemes that provide effective planning and design solutions and are geographically relevant. It is important to consider the development of such areas not only from an environmental perspective, but also taking into account social, cultural and economic factors.

We create protected areas management plans and corresponding measures for planning territory development, restoration of natural complexes and creation of environmental infrastructure using the latest technologies and best practices. They increase the value of ecosystem services of protected areas in compliance with the established restrictions and with the goal of maintaining the flow of ecosystem services.


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