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Greening industrial territories

Increasing environmental pollution covers most regions of Russia, poor ecology affects the health of a significant part of the population, many cities become unfavorable for living as a result of lack of environmentally justified urban planning decisions and caused by existing sources of increased danger by industrial facilities. 

Fundamental transformations of existing production systems are required to achieve balanced socio-environmental and economic growth of the regions, as these systems are the key reason of the dangerous effects on the environment and climate. The need for greening the economy of the regions poses quite specific tasks for individual industries, which are generally described in the "Concept of National Security of the Russian Federation." The requirements for organization and management are changing, taking into account their key role in ensuring economic growth, along with the corresponding environmental risks. 

In recent years, there has been a transition to the greening of industrial territories: from a model of a production complex to an eco-industrial park. Eco-industrial parks, unlike existing industrial zones, are organized in such a way that production is carried out in a closed system, i.e. waste or by-products in a production chain are raw materials for another production chain. 

When developing projects for the organization and functioning of eco-industrial parks, we’ve determined that the most effective results are achieved by groups of enterprises whose production processes are correlated, which makes it possible to use natural resources efficiently and reduce expenses within enterprises and between them. Minimization of the use of resources can be achieved through technological innovation, recycling of materials, replacement of materials and search for disposal alternatives through exchange with other enterprises. These measures can increase energy efficiency of eco-industrial parks, reduce the negative impact on the environment significantly, minimize the use of resources and hazardous raw materials, and reduce the expenses of enterprises. 

Our experience in organizing and managing industrial zones shows the feasibility and long-term benefits to reduce the negative impact and improve the ecological situation in the regions.


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