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Rational Use of Natural Capital

The processes occurring in nature, in society and in the economy are interrelated and interacted. Human life and activities exist in the system "Economy - Environment - Society" and the development and maintenance of any economic model must take into account natural capital of a particular territory.

At present, the impact of human activities on the environment has become one of the most important development issues. On the one hand, there is growing concern about the impact of economic activity on the environment. On the other hand, it is increasingly recognized that the maintenance of economic growth and human well-being depend on the benefits provided by the environment.

In this regard, the problem of conservation and rational use of natural capital is of particular importance. One of the main problems of economic development is the underestimation of natural capital. We understand that environmental-economic assessments are required in any decision-making process in order to create administrative and legislative conditions for consideration of the value of nature in the economic analysis. That’s why we were among the pioneers in Russia who began implementing practical assessments of natural resources and environmental damage.

Environmental-economic analysis is the most important part of environmental management in designing and constructing of new industries, in functioning of companies as subjects of environmental management, in managing of existing facilities, in decision-making in sphere of environmental protection, in assessing the effectiveness of environmental measures, in using economic incentives to maintain the quality of the environment, in compensating for environmental damage and in many other cases.

A special area of work is related to the economic assessment of natural resources and ecosystem services of protected areas to integrate them into the processes of social and economic development of the territories.

We are developing methods to increase the economic value of natural capital using the SEEA methodology. They are based on:

— results of research of theoretical data and practical methods of transition to the green economy in the modern socio-cultural and socio-economic context,

— methods of economic assessment of natural resources and ecosystem services, that allow to take into account the socio-cultural features of environmental management of various social groups,

— the results of adaptation of sustainable development indicators, environmental indicators, as well as indicators of the green economy and environmental-economic accounting to modern conditions of the Russian Federation.

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