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Sustainable development strategies and plans for territories

The most common problems of modern urban and rural territories are such as lack of investment, incoherent spatial development, low comfort in urban environment, insufficient economic growth, increasing threat of technological disasters, poor environmental conditions, negative impact of climate change. In recent years, they were intensified by uncertainty of social development, the volatility of exchange rates and invention of new critical technologies with unpredictable social and environmental impacts.

Why do territory management problems cause a snowball effect? One of the key reasons is use of no longer relevant long-term development plans and corresponding outdated decisions-making. In order to increase resilience in the unstable environment, it is necessary to critically review the strategic development of territories. Here are the main reasons for developing new territorial development documents and adjusting existing ones:

1. Without proper, relevant and updated, scientifically-based strategic planning, it is impossible to carry out socio-economic optimization of the territory, determine investment areas, and develop successful infrastructure.

2. Effective development strategies and plans for territories help to identify priorities and make proper actions to achieve long-term goals, substantiating the spending of resources.

3. Comprehensive development strategy increases the competitive advantages of territories, creates a favorable business climate in the region and investment attractiveness. Investors need convincing long-term strategic development plan.

4. The strategy makes it easier to receive subsidies from different sources, since it makes it possible to justify the targeted spending of funds.

Our area of expertise is the development of territorial target programs, action plans and strategies in the field of environmental management, environmental protection and sustainable development (cities and rural settlements, river basins, protected areas, etc.). In our work we carefully consider the territory specific features, the availability of natural resources, human capital, economic situation, geographical location, competitive advantages, etc. Innovative approaches allow us to ensure the development of a material, but at the same time, ambitious vision, accelerating development of the territory, economic growth, capacity-building of the territory. A detailed preparation of the mechanisms for implementing strategies is the trademark of our work.

We are sure that the role of strategic planning for territories will only grow in the future, since it allows to coordinate efforts to achieve long-term goals, gives confidence in the sustainable economic, environmental and social situation, ensures a decent quality of life, minimizes investment and innovation risks.

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