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There are some stable trends in the modern society influenced by many factors, including the process of globalization. The creation and active development of information society, which has a significant impact on all processes of the country's social and economic development, can become the most important of them. Information support should be considered as one of the strategic directions for increasing the efficiency of work at all levels: national, sectoral, regional, international and others.

Therefore, “Resources and Consulting” lays special emphasis on the creating of system information support for environmental assets management through the goal-oriented implementation of environmental and economic indicators formed within the system of environmental and economic accounting (SEEA), special sociocultural indices that allow comparing different countries and nations using EthnoMetrics methodology, as well as environmental indicators, sustainable development and green economy indicators, the integration of which is carried out within the Shared Environmental Information System. “Resources and Consulting” pays special attention to modern methods of data processing and visualization, modeling on this basis the processes of the system "Human - Society - Environment" aimed at adequate information and analytical support of environmental management.

Research work on the creation of information support for environmental management in terms of sustainable development makes it possible to improve the quality of environmental strategies for the development of countries and regions, significantly improve the quality of environmental public reporting materials, especially of territorial reports on the state of environment and conservation and corporate reports, documents for the spatial visualization of environmental data (for example, ecological and thematic atlases and cartographic products).

Scientific and Technical Center "Resources and Consulting", possessing unique experience in collecting, processing, summarizing and analyzing departmental and statistical information on environmental protection and natural resource management, as well as modern methods of interpretation, visualization and presentation of information will help to provide information to all interested parties. 

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