Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Planning of investments based on the results of integrated environmental and economic accounting

The price system in market conditions, based on the theory of utility, serves as the main mechanism that reflects the consequences of individual actions and expresses them in an accessible form. An analysis of changes in prices for natural resources and ecosystem services provides important information for a purposeful impact on attracting investment in the fields connected with the use of natural resources and ecosystem services.

Advanced analysis of the prices using full economic value approaches, including monetary estimates reflecting people's preferences for natural goods and ecosystem services, allows to take into account social and cultural peculiarities of the territories and record the most important characteristics of the condition and dynamics of the prices.

The use of monetary assessment results within the framework of the system of national accounting and the system of environmental and economic accounting (SNA / SEEA) as important indicators of development helps to identify possible and necessary environmental and resource-saving actions to ensure sustainable development of the territories.