Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Environmental Planning at the Local Level, Taking into Account the Opinions and Needs of People

The active participation of residents of urban and rural areas in solving environmental problems helps to reduce environmental risks and improve the quality of life of the population. Focusing on the opinions and needs of people in the process of environmental planning at the local level is especially important in the face of growing global instability of society.

Our approach to local environmental planning, based on geographical conditions in a broad sense (complex of local natural, social, cultural and economic factors) allows us to choose the methods of environmental planning that are the most appropriate for a particular area and the corresponding instruments.

Leading experts of the group of companies "Resources and Consulting" developed Action Plans for environmental protection and sustainable development of the Krasnoznamensky municipal district of the Kaliningrad region, Kostomuksha urban district of the Republic of Karelia, Pervomaisky municipal districtof the Yaroslavl region, Guryevsky municipal district of the Kaliningrad region.