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Development of hunting management schemes

Currently, the excessive use of hunting resources, caused by the traditions of environmental management, the socio-economic features and illegal hunting, leads to a decrease in the number of hunting resources, degradation of their habitat, and loss of biodiversity. The most important problems are the lack of compliance with the legislation in the field of hunting and organization of hunting facilities, insufficient monitoring of hunting resources and their habitats, and the ineffective hunting management.

To solve the urgent problems, it is necessary to develop a scheme for location, use and protection of hunting territories, which serves as an informational and regulatory basis for the implementation of obligations to use and protect hunting resources and corresponding rights of citizens.

We develop hunting management schemes, including:

  • inventory of hunting use - a description of the boundaries of the hunting territories and their affiliation, other territories that are the habitat of the hunting resources, their mapping and assessment of areas;

  • aggregation of information change of amounts of hunting resources, their extraction in the long-term;

  • identification of the current level of hunting management in monetary and other quantitative indicators with the aim of further improving and intensifying the hunting industry and the protection of hunting resources;

  • improvement of standards: the state of hunting resources with an indicator of the maximum possible and economically feasible amounts of hunting resources, the extraction of them and the load on hunting territories;

  • development of an assessment of damage to hunting resources, development of standards for biotechnological activities, development of standards for the costs of hunting activities.

The prepared hunting management schemes allow developing measures for the development of the hunting economy, determining the norms of the carrying capacity of the hunting territories, creating arranged and generally accessible hunting areas, carrying out biotechnical measures, and accounting for the amounts of hunting resources.

We have successfully prepared hunting management schemes for 7 regions of Russia, our works have laid the foundation for increasing the efficiency of hunting management, ensuring the rational use and conservation of hunting resources and their habitats, reducing the threat of socially significant depletion of hunting resources, and the loss of biodiversity.


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