Institute For Sustainable Innovation

Development of regional strategies and action plans using sustainable development principles

The national progressive development can be ensured only by taking into account of regional characteristics and an effective regional policy. The role of strategic planning for the territories is currently huge, as it allows to coordinate efforts to achieve long-term goals, ensures sustainable economic, environmental and social situation, provides a decent quality of life, minimizes investment and innovation risks.

For more than 20 years, we have been developing strategies and programs for the development of regions and municipalities in the field of environmental management, environmental protection and sustainable development. We constantly improve approaches to the development of these documents, and participate in their implementation. We also offer the administrations of the regions and municipalities tools for managing the development of territories that ensure the implementation of the developed strategies and programs.

In order to prepare an information-analytical basis for development of a regional strategy, we carry out expert services, including:

We create development strategies taking into account modern principles and approaches used in the international practice of regional development:

Our regional development documents integrate economic, social and environmental development factors into a single vector in order to change the existing negative trends, concentrate resources on the most promising areas, and become an instrument of an organized, transparent dialogue between government, business and the regional community.


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