Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Environmental-Economic Accounting in Sustainable Resource Use. Theory and Practice

Fomenko G., Fomenko М., Loshadkin К., Mikhailova А., Arabova Е.
Costa Rica: Institute for Sustainable Innovation, 2019. 394 p.

The monograph* considers the development of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) that enables analysis of the interaction between the economy and the environment at different levels of territorial organization. It provides the philosophical and methodological framework for the SEEA establishment and development; shows the essence of the SEEA, including its origins, its place and role compared to other information systems, its institutional and organizational specifics; describes the experience of implementing the SEEA provisions in Russia. The monograph also provides a number of examples demonstrating the effect that the results of assessment of environmental resources and ecosystem services have on addressing complex issues of resource management and strategic planning of territorial development and describes the SEEA development paths. The book is aimed at professionals from a wide range of backgrounds interested in environmental management and environmental protection.

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