Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Integration of Public Environmental Reports into the Management of Territories

Fomenko G.A., Fomenko M.A.
Moscow: Institute for Sustainable Development of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, 2013. 186 р.

The monograph is the result of many years of research by the authors and their practical consulting work on environmental reports, corporate public reporting of enterprises and the development of an environmental budget in several regions of the country. The analytical materials included in the publication indicate the need to develop territorial environmental publications and their incorporation into territorial management procedures, effectively turning them into a single, widely available system of environmental information for socially responsible business and the state. This publication consists of three sections, which examine the main trends, practical experience and development directions of environmental publications (territorial and corporate) in the Russian Federation in terms of format and design (section 1); in terms of the indicators used (section 2); as well as on the institutionalization of the information and analytical materials and the system of environmental territorial management based on the application of the environmental budget mechanism (section 3). The book is of interest to specialists in the field of environmental management and everyone interested in sustainable development issues and creation of territorial information systems in the environmental field.

Key words: environmental management, nature protection territorial management, environmental indicators, environmental information systems, environmental reports.

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