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 We have published a book "The nature of the Yaroslavl Region: unique images" 

Illustrated book "The nature of the Yaroslavl Region: unique images" provides information about ten specially protected areas of the Yaroslavl region - natural and man-made. A protected area is the gold standard of wildlife and intact nature, preserved despite the changing environment. In the Yaroslavl Region, nature, history and culture, historical events and people's fates are closely interrelated. This book intends to tell about the reserved natural sites of the region in direct connection with its history, to show the alternative side of the Yaroslavl Region and its natural beauty. Each section includes the information about origins, the places of interest, and the photographs that convey the natural beauty of the protected areas. The promotion of this book, containing the current information on the significant natural complexes of the region, on the one hand, contributes to their preservation and restoration, on the other hand, supports the development of eco-tourism. The book is of interest to a wide range of readers: ecologists, biologists, geographers, university professors, teachers, students, school students, local historians and everyone who loves the nature of the Yaroslavl Region.


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