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The Department of Environmental Management of the Yaroslavl Region awarded commendations to the professor, Doctor of Science in Geography G.A. Fomenko and PhD in Geography, Associate Professor K.A. Loshadkin

 Since 2010 under the cooperation agreement with the Yaroslavl State Technical University Dr. Sc., Prof. G.A. Fomenko supervises the Master Program "Environmental Management and Water Use". From the very beginning of the program it is implemented in accordance with the approaches of education in for sustainable development. In the Department of Hydrotechnical and Road Construction of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering Professor G.A. Fomenko and Associate Professor K.A. Loshadkin give the basic information about the sustainable development, the corresponding concepts and terminology, methodological aspects of the territory development analysis, which helps students to understand and implement a comprehensive environmental-socio-economically oriented approach to integrated environmental management. Students gain knowledge about the ecological basis of sustainable development, get to know the methodology for environmental risk assessment and methods of environmental economic assessments, learn to create environmental quality management systems, conduct researches of biological systems and their environment-forming functions, determine the limits of resilience and ecological capacity of natural systems, develop environmentally efficient and resource-saving technologies.

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