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Representatives of the group of companies Resources and Consulting took part in the V All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection

   The congress triggered the discussion of the most current issues in the field of environmental protection and consolidated decisions on the development of the environmental sphere and implementation of the environmental policy of the Russian Federation and became the largest discussion platform for the expert environmental community.
   The Fifth All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection gathered Senior Russian Government Officials, the international and Russian business community, international environmental organizations, the scientific community, technological leaders and innovators, the UN Goodwill Ambassadors. The event was the main congress venue in Russia and the CIS to address the issues of sustainable environmental development of the planet and the presentation of Russian and foreign innovative environmental developments and the exchange of experiences on the development of green technologies. The main issues discussed at the congress were global sustainable development (the planet welfare, the development of the green economy, the consequences of natural disasters), the circular economy (policies and programs of regional, state and international level, the cities development meeting world standards), the Russian strategy on environmental safety (monitoring and making solutions to key environmental problems in the framework of the Strategy until 2025), business and technology (a new quality of business - social and environmental responsibility, the market of environmental services for business and society, stimulating technological innovations for environmental protection). Leading expert of the group of companies "Resources and Consulting" Georgy Fomenko spoke at the section "The Model of the Circular Economy: Theory and Practice of Transition" with the report "The Circular Economy in the Context of Green Growth"
   The report showed the role and place of the circular economy in the system of views, directions and practical tools for the transition of the Russian Federation to green growth. It revealed specific features when targeting such a scenario. As a result, the Congress adopted the Final Resolution, which consolidated the position and the latest works of the environmental experts, scientists from related fields, business people and community activists, Russian and world politicians.


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