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Lomonosov Moscow State University published proceedings of the international scientific conference "Modern trends in environmentally sustainable development"

The article by Georgy Fomenko "Inclusive green growth for sustainable development of Russia" refers to the need for transition to green economy, considering the features of the current state of the Russian economy in order to reduce environmental risks, to improve the quality of economic development and to increase well-being and social justice.

The article by Georgy Fomenko, Marina Fomenko and Konstantin Loshadkin "Evaluation of ecosystem services in the areas of energy resources extraction (as in Novokuznetsk district of the Kemerovo region)" proves that the assessment of the natural capital of the coal-mining territory is an effective tool for strategic analysis and forecasting.

The article by Georgy Fomenko and Marina Fomenko "Challenges and ways to implement sustainable development approaches in strategic territory planning" raises the urgent problem of orientation to sustainable development that considers territorial complexes as living, self-regulating open systems.


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