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 Leading experts of the company took part in the Seminar on Distribution of experience of implementation of strategic environmental assessment in the Russian Federation  

The Seminar was organized by UNDP, Global Environment Fund and Ministry of Natural resources and Environment within the framework of the pilot project Objectives of Biodiversity Conservation in the Development Policy and Programs for the Energy Sector in Russia.
   The goals of the Project include improvement of the state of biodiversity in industrialized regions of Russia; support in the development of a monitoring system for the state of biodiversity and the testing of environmental technologies in oil-producing, coal-mining and hydropower enterprises; and assistance in the adoption of normative and methodological documents on the biodiversity conservation in the energy sector.
 The seminar included:
 - presentation of the objectives, methodology and tools of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) to federal executive bodies and representatives of Russian subjects, using pilot projects in Russia, foreign practices, their correlation with current legislation;
 - demonstration of the results of pilot projects on SEA in various regions of Russia (experience, conclusions, recommendations);
 - presentation of SEA manuals developed within the project by UNDP / GEF-Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and explanations on how these manuals can be used by stakeholders in carrying out SEA.
 At the seminar our specialists made a presentation "Assessment of the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the coal mining district in the Kemerovo region". The report contained information on the practice of accounting and economic evaluation of natural resources in our country, the results of the economic evaluation of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the coal mining district in the Kemerovo region, implemented by STC Resources and Consulting.
 The materials of the seminar will help to raise awareness of federal executive bodies, representatives of regions, scientific and non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of the private sector on SEA in Russia, and will attract a wide range of stakeholders to the discussion on the implementation of SEA in the Russian legal system and practice.

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