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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Yaroslavl State Technical University celebrated the 50th anniversary

   Half a century is quite a long period to look back and assess the progress made. The faculty establishment in 1968 resulted from a serious shortage of engineers and specialists in a polytechnic field at the rapidly developing enterprises of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region. Ultimately, the faculty met the expectations and made a worthy contribution to accelerating the economic and cultural development of the city and the whole region.
   Thousands of highly qualified specialists have been graduated during this period; and they have achieved great success in science, government, have become honored employees in their fields. No matter where the graduates of the faculty work, they are characterized by high qualification, perseverance, dedication to the chosen professions and passionate attitude to the work.
   Over the 50 years, the quality of education at the Faculty has improved significantly. The faculty is famous for its scientific and pedagogical capacity, in its best traditions it creates conditions and opportunities for creative development, supports the cult of knowledge and the students’ ambitions. We are convinced that the lecturers and professors of the faculty will continue to make a worthy contribution to the development of Russian education and science, the training of highly qualified specialists for the benefit of our country.
   We cooperate with the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering for many years under the Cooperation Agreement. Students of the Program “Environmental Management and Water Use” do internships in our organization. For four years we have been supporting students' scientific and project work — within the All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference at the University, we organize a contest named after L.A. Knyazkov and award the winners. During the celebration our experts – Professor of the Department of Hydrotechnical and Road Construction of the Faculty, Georgy Fomenko, and Associate Professor of the Department, Konstantin Loshadkin, – were awarded diplomas for many years of hard work by the Yaroslavl Council of Constructors.
   We wish the faculty, professors, lecturers and students new creative achievements. And let the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering further develop!

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