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Sustainable Development Report taking into account the requirements of GRI -G4

The report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Global Reporting Initiative 4.0. The content of the Report is defined by a set of significant topics and aspects, that can reasonably be considered important to reflect the organization’s impact on the economy, environment and society, or to influence stakeholders. In determining significant topics and relevant indicators, the provisions of the UN Global Compact, the Social Charter of Russian Business are taken into account, as well as non-financial reporting standards (ISO 26000, GRI-G4, Sector Supplement to G4).

The Report provides information on the company’s activities in the field of environmental protection, including the actual indicators of impact on air, water and land resources, waste treatment and measures taken to reduce such impact. It includes such topics as management and financing of environmental protection, scientific research and technical modernization of the production complex aimed at improving the environmental safety of facilities. It presents the results achieved through the implementation of initiatives on resource and energy conservation. The prepared Report is based on an analysis of activities over a 20 years, according to indicators of the GRI environmental block.

The Report is presented in three formats - for the expert community (according to GRI indicators, in accordance with reporting requirements), for politicians and managers (the most significant information about environmental impacts and measures to reduce them, in the general context of the region’s environmental policy) and the wide public (on environmental activities of the enterprise in the territory of operation). They allow targeting information on the environmental aspects of the enterprise to various interest groups. The preparation of the Report with an expanded analysis for the top management of the company and leading specialists, for politicians in a more generalized form, as well as for public, positively affect the increase of trust on the part of investors, consumers, suppliers, employees, etc.