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Risk to Public Health

Risk to Public Health

People living near manufacturing plants, highways, railways and airports are always subject to their negative impact. The pollution of the air and drinking water, noise pollution and electromagnetic radiation all affect the health and well-being of the population, especially children and the elderly. Together these factors create the conditions for higher-than-average numbers of cases of non-communicable diseases. Therefore the assessment of public health risks is an important and necessary tool for assessing and further reducing the negative impact of environmental factors on the population and increasing the sustainability of various companies now and in the long term.

Assessment of Risks to Public Health - CVD

The main tasks of risk assessment are to detect and identify top priority factors negatively affecting public health, assessing potential and real threats that damage health, as well as developing and evaluating the effectiveness of environmental protection and health related activities.  

Risk assessment allows for:

The development and implementation of a Sanitary Protection Zone (SPZ) will effectively reduce risks to public health and lessen (or even prevent) any negative impact from production on the population.

During development:

Specialists at NTC Resources and Consulting develop SPZ projects for varied industrial and commercial sites, enterprises, industrial hubs.

Risk to Public Health

NTC Resources and Consulting carries out assessments of risks associated with water, air pollution and other physical factors.

Risk Assissment of Exposure of Chemical that Pollute the Air

Our enterprise risk assessment projects for the exposure of chemicals that pollute the air are necessary to:

Risk Assessment of Exposure of Pollutants Contained in Water

Our clients use the results of water quality assessment to:

Risk Assessment of Acoustic Exposure

Environmental managers of industrial enterprises, road construction organizations and transport companies turn to us for risk assessments concerning acoustic exposure. This is necessary for:

A hazard assessment for exposure to electromagnetic radiation will provide the client with information for:

Public Health Risk Assessment Body

Part of NTC Resources and Consulting is a certified “Body for Assessing Public Health Risks” (Certificate No. SDS 082 dated July 16, 2020).

With more than 15 years of community health risk assessment projects we have assisted our clients in effectively mitigating the negative health impacts of their businesses.

Our experience in the development and approval of more than 100 projects guarantees the high quality and individual approach to solving each task in every specific case.

Fee for Our Services

The fee for the services we provide is determined by the number of sources of negative impact, the actual pollutants, the nature of the technological processes, the distance to regulated areas and other factors.

Contact us for an assessment of all existing risks to public health and to build a competent strategy for their management.

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