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Knowledge Management

In the modern rapidly developing society, knowledge is the only competitive advantage that not only has an independent value, but also generates a cumulative effect in relation to other factors of production, affecting the effectiveness of their application. Thus, in modern economy, the source of competitive advantages is not a profitable market position, but the knowledge that is hardly replicable as assets and the way they are allocated.

Possessing unique knowledge in the field of environmental economics, environmental management, risk management, sustainable development, environmental planning, natural capital evaluation, we combined it with the latest technologies of vocational training.

We offer online trainings, webinars, distance courses aimed at gaining new knowledge, personal growth and development of applied skills to all interested in this knowledge. Our speakers are leading experts in the field of sustainable development, green inclusive growth, risk management, increasing resilience of business, territories, cities and settlements

We are convinced that:

 Distance courses and online trainings save 35-40% on training time, without reducing the effectiveness of training;

 The monetary savings of distance courses and online trainings is up to 60%, taking into account the costs of flight, accommodation, meals;

 The amount of deviation from the course subjects during distance learning is 40% lower than in the full-time;

 Students memorize up to 50% more material as compared to the traditional method;

 An opportunity to review learned materials improves the quality of the acquired knowledge.

We have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and we are ready to share them using our own products. Try the format of distance learning and you will discover a lot of new things.

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