Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Fundamental research

Scientists are increasingly expanding their knowledge in such areas as climate change, growing resource consumption, demographic trends and environmental degradation. Science plays an increasingly important role in promoting efficient use of resources and searching for new methods, tools and alternatives for development. Science is seen as an extremely important component in the search for possible ways of supporting sustainable development. Meeting the need for research in the field of environment and development is only the first step that science takes in support of sustainable development.

We carry out scientific research and develop projects on fundamental and practical problems of sustainable development, rational environmental management and environmental protection. Our research has focused on improving the effectiveness of environmental management at different levels as an important element of the country's transition to a sustainable innovative growth, focused on improving the quality of life of present and future generations. Such development is based on the recognition of the possibility of achieving economic growth while preserving the environment through the use of new technologies while reducing environmental risks, especially health risks.

To achieve the goals, we carry out:

 research and experimental projects in the field of sustainable development of territories, environmental risks and risks to health, ecosystem services, as well as in the field of environmental and resource statistics;

 study, analysis and evaluation of negative environmental impacts of economic and other activities;

 expert and analytical work, scientific and methodological consulting on sustainable development, environmental management and environmental protection;

 support work relating to innovations in rational environmental management and environmental protection.

Our research is based on a modern terminology that takes into account the state and dynamics of the development of complex environmental and economic interactions.

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