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In the context of the rapid development of the information society, an extremely important tool for sustainable development is the provision of public (and remote) access to socially important information, primarily of a scientific, educational and cultural nature. The development and widespread introduction of information technologies have a serious impact on all spheres of human life, including economy, government, science and education. For modern society, the most important values ​​are information and knowledge, which are becoming increasingly important factors in the development of each individual and country as a whole, determining the welfare. The preservation and development of the information resource, as well as providing access to it, is a key target of any developed country. In this regard, the world community has being paid ever more attention to the development of digital libraries as one of the most effective ways of preserving cultural and scientific heritage.

Over the years of work in the field of sustainable development, green inclusive growth, risk management, increasing the resilience of business, territories, cities, towns and settlements, we have accumulated a large amount of useful and often unique knowledge about these processes. Specially for you, we created an E-Library, in which we collected all our knowledge and works accumulated over many years.

The main goals of our digital library:

 providing scientific workers with the ability to quickly access necessary information resources;

— providing the results of fundamental scientific research to a broad research community; 

 creation of new technologies for scientific research, effective tools for their implementation;

 providing opportunities for scientific cooperation not only at the regional, departmental, national levels, but also internationally.

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