Institute for Sustainable Innovation


What do we offer?

An innovative product aimed at addressing the problems of improving the population quality of life and implementing the objectives of sustainable growth of territories.

Strategic environmental planning

Why is this product important?

At present, the situation has developed in such a way that unsettled and growing environmental problems of the territories can damage stability and can cause serious political, economic and social conflicts in the nearest future. To address these problems, specific environmental action plans are needed, as the most important tool for managing the environmental sphere of the regions and predicting the state of it.

These documents set strategic goals and performance indicators in the sphere of environmental protection and reproduction of natural resources as the basis for the development of the living environment of the region for a long-term period. They determine the mechanisms for achieving the established strategic goals, taking into account objectively existing limitations; define a management system for achieving strategic goals and a monitoring system in accordance with the adopted targeted indicators. Thus, they specify the priorities of the government agencies work and the sequence of actions for supporting sustainable environmental development of the region in the modern conditions.

For whom is it useful?

Federal agencies, self-governing authorities, non-governmental organization.

Where was it implemented earlier?

Since 2006, we have been successfully developing action plans for the environmental protection for sustainable development of several regions: Pervomaisky Municipal District of the Yaroslavl Region, Krasnoznamensky Municipal District of the Kaliningrad Region, Korablinsky Municipal District of the Ryazan Region, Kostomuksha Urban District of the Republic of Karelia, Guryevsky Municipal District of the Kaliningrad Region. In 2015, we prepared a project of the Environmental Strategy of the Yaroslavl Region, the implementation of which will contribute to positive changes in the state of the environment and provide additional benefits of expanding the opportunities for economically and socially efficient use of natural capital.


Environmental strategy of Yaroslavl region

The project "Environmental Strategy of Territory Development, Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management in the Yaroslavl Region" was developed to address the problems of improving the population quality of life and implementing of the objectives of sustainable growth in the region.