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What do we offer?

Intellectual product and innovative project "Town for women and children" provides a fresh look at the development of urban space. The emphasis is on low-cost activities that contribute to creating an "improvement environment" that is convenient for socially vulnerable groups of the population. This project shows the concern of local authorities about people, as well as encourages citizens themselves to participate in urban development. 

Town for women and children

Why is this product important?

Many modern towns are uncomfortable for ordinary people, and often even hostile to them. These towns are designed mainly for cars and drivers. There is no space for children and women. When young people grow up, they leave the towns and do not come back. As a rule, awareness of the problem - towns without a future - is lost in the everyday race of life. People realize it when there are no longer those with whom town’s tomorrow is connected. This can be overcome by changing lives for the better, claim the project developers and suggest ways of dealing with it.

For whom is it intended?

Local governments of towns and settlements, experts involved in urban space planning, and non-governmental organizations.

Where was it implemented earlier?

The initiative was born and was first applied in Germany after the end of World War II, as well as in some other European countries. In Russia, the employees of the NPP "Cadastre" managed by one of the leading landscape architects of Germany, H.J. Taurit, were among the pioneers of the project implementation in Danilov, Yaroslavl region .


Green Danilov. Town for Women and Children

This target program was developed by a group of Russian and German experts in accordance with the Action Plan of the Administration of the Danilov Municipal District of the Yaroslavl Region on the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection, taking into account the real social and economic situation.