Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Environmental Action Plan for the Krasnoznamensky Municipal District of the Kaliningrad Region for 2010-2014.

Fomenko G.A., Terentyev A.A., Fomenko M.A., Mikhailova A.V., Dunenkova V.S., Arabova E.A.
Yaroslavl, 2009. 64 р.
The Environmental Action Plan of the Krasnoznamensky Municipal District of the Kaliningrad Region for 2010-2014 aims at stimulating the sustainable development of the district as a result of improving the environment, organizing efficient use of natural resources and, on this basis, increasing the investment attractiveness of the economy, improvement of living conditions of the population. It is based on actions to address priority problems in the field of environmental protection and rational environmental management, identified with the participation of representatives of the administration, the Council of Deputies, housing and communal services, environmental, educational and public organizations, the media and other interested persons. The action plan was developed by a working group established in accordance with the resolution of the Head of the Administration of the Krasnoznamensky City District, with the scientific, methodological, organizational and financial assistance of the Russian Regional Environmental Center (RREC) and the Research and Design Institute "Cadaster".

Key words: Kaliningrad region, Krasnoznamensky municipal district, sustainable development, environmental protection, rational environmental management, environmental action plan, program-oriented planning