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Local action plans for environmental protection and sustainable development Health Risk Assessment for Khabarovsk International Airport (Novy) Assessment of environmental and health risks Estimation of greenhouse gas emissions and development of measures to reduce them Development of corporate climate strategies Development of non-financial reports Assessment of natural capital and ecosystem services Evaluation and assessment of environmental impacts Report on the State of Environment and Environmental Protection of the Yaroslavl Region Environmental Strategy of the Yaroslavl Region Development of an Action Plan for the regulation of air emissions during adverse weather conditions Water Management and Health Risk-Based Planning Own unique database content Trainings. Courses. Thematic webinars Development of regional strategies and action plans using sustainable development principles Project on inventory of greenhouse gas emissions Development of Measures to Reduce Roadway Noise Pollution Environmental damage assessment Development of Ecological Atlases and Reports on Environmental Protection Glossary of terms in the field of environmental management and sustainable development Environmental Planning at the Local Level, Taking into Account the Opinions and Needs of People Development of management plans for protected areas management anddevelopmen Analysis of environmental and social benefits Development of hunting management schemes Prevention of Conflicts in Environmental Management Ecologization of industrial territories in conditions of transition to green economy and sustainable development of the urban environment Planning of investments based on the results of integrated environmental and economic accounting Greening industrial territories Strategic Environmental Assessment Scheme of location, use and protection of hunting territories Increase of Economic Efficiency of the State Natural National Park "Curonian Spit" Recommendations on the Monetary Valuation of Environmental Resources in the Kaluga Region Economic Evaluation of Specially Protected Natural Areas of Kamchatka The Conservation of Biological and Landscape Diversity of the Taymyr Peninsula: The Programme and Action Plan. Analytical Report Ecological Atlas of the Yaroslavl Region Green Danilov: Town for Women and Children Sustainable Development Report taking into account the requirements of GRI -G4 Carbon reporting for submission to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Development of environmental aspects within corporate non-financial reporting Project of Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Justification of the boundaries of sanitary protection zones according to the criteria of health risks Investment Planning Based on the Results of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting Greening of Industrial Territories in Conditions of Transition to Green Economy and Sustainable Development of the Urban Environment
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