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Environmental strategy of Yaroslavl region

The project "Environmental Strategy of Territory Development, Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource Management in the Yaroslavl Region" was developed to address the problems of improving the population quality of life and implementing of the objectives of sustainable growth in the region.

Tolga - Genius Loci

Natural and cultural complexes having a well-known name and spiritual significance play a significant role in achieving sustainable development of the territories. This factor is the dominant of the project "Natural Monuments of Special Spiritual Importance - the Basis for Sustainable Development of Countries and Peoples" (on the example of the cedar forest of Tolga Convent) implemented by the Institute “Cadaster.”

Green Danilov. Town for Women and Children

This target program was developed by a group of Russian and German experts in accordance with the Action Plan of the Administration of the Danilov Municipal District of the Yaroslavl Region on the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection, taking into account the real social and economic situation.

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