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We took part in the Russian Investment Forum 2017

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The Russian Investment Forum is a traditional platform for discussing the development of the world economy and its current trends, for presentation of Russia's investment and economic potential, for interaction and enhancement of interconnections between foreign and Russian business representatives, politicians, experts and media.

As an expert in the field of green growth, the research advisor of “Resources and Consulting” Georgy Fomenko was invited to the Forum as a participant in the discussion of the session "Green economy as a vector of development", which was conducted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. Within talking points of "Green growth for sustainable development of Russia" , specific proposals were made to accelerate Russia's transition to an environmentally oriented development model: (1) actions to improve fiscal policy, intellectual property rights, labor market regulation should be adapted to support the emergence and growth of young innovative firms; (2) it is necessary to overcome the tendency to reduce government funding for basic research and remove barriers to private investment in green technologies; (3) it is important to develop and apply innovative instruments of state regulation in order to ensure the priority development of "new markets" for green transport and sustainable construction.

Among the subjects discussed at the event were the tools for green economy, innovative green technologies, which are based on resource and energy saving, reduction of carbon emissions, clean transport, alternative energy sources, organic agriculture, eco-development and many other directions that allow the economy to develop steadily preserving the environmental well-being of human and avoiding damaging the nature. 


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