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Leading experts of the group of companies took part in the climate forum of Russian Cities

World leading environmental experts and climatologists from Russia and abroad took part in the Forum. Scientists, researchers, representatives of UN and large environmentally-oriented companies presented their vision of addressing the challenges of climate change. Such important questions as urbanization, climate change, territory development, alternative energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency were discussed during the Forum. International and regional experience was considered with the aim to enhance the effectiveness of climate regulation.

Within the business program of the Forum, 8 plenary sessions, 23 round tables and a coach session of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia were held, at which about 300 reports were presented. Experts of the group of companies “Resources and Consulting” presented the report “Climate Change: Reality and Measures for the Adaptation of Cities and Settlements” at the session “Achieving sustainable development goals: approaches to engage the stakeholders.” Following the results of the Climate Forum of Russian Cities, proposals for considering international and regional experience were developed in order to improve the efficiency of climate regulation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the system of environmental monitoring, and develop modern territorial infrastructure aimed at preserving climatic and environmental stability.


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