Institute for Sustainable Innovation

2017 - Year of Ecology in Russia

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On January 5, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, according to which the year 2017 in Russia declared the year of ecology. The aim is to draw attention to the problems that exist in the environmental sphere and improve the state of the country's environmental security.

The group of companies "Resources and Consulting" implements a number of projects that will contribute to solving the main objectives set for the Year of Ecology.

In 2016-2017 experts of the group of companies are conducting scientific research on the preparation of proposals for the transition of the Russian Federation to green economy on the instructions of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. The work will determine the features of the green economy model in the conditions of the Russian Federation, show objectives and priority areas, and contain practical proposals for a draft roadmap of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia on the transition of the Russian Federation to green economy.

In 2017 we held an expert workshop on the development of proposals for the transition of the Russian Federation to green economy, with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. The aim of the meeting was to develop an agreed opinion on the transition of the Russian Federation to green economy with the help of expert assessment and identification of relevant key actions, their priority, timeframes and implementation mechanisms.

In 2017, the research work on assessing the economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the coal mining area in the Kemerovo Region is being completed as part of the strategic environmental assessment (SEA). The results obtained since the pre-investment stage of design will allow to identify the factors of negative impact on biodiversity and ecosystems, to assess the possible consequences of such impact and to develop effective mechanisms for preventing and minimizing such consequences.

On February 26, 2017, the specialist of "Resources and Consulting" Georgy Fomenko took part in the plenary session "Green Economy as a vector of development", which took place in the framework of the Russian Investment Forum.

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica) and the Science and Technology Center "Resources and Consulting", the center's employees in 2017 continue promoting the ideas of the Earth Charter, developing and implementing courses, lectures and trainings.

In 2017, the specialists of the Group of Companies “Resources and Consulting” published the book “Environmental-Economic Accounting in Rational Use of Natural Resources. Theory and Practice”. The monograph considers the development of the System of Environmental-Economic

Accounting (SEEA) that allows to study the interaction between the economy and the environment at different levels of territorial organization. The book is aimed at professionals from a wide range of backgrounds interested in environmental management and environmental protection.

The events held by the group of companies will clearly demonstrate that taking care of the environment is not only a time demand or a modern trend, but an essential condition for technological progress and development of the country’s economy and social sphere and an important factor in reducing environmental risks and ensuring quality of life.