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Scientific-Methodological Board

Scientific-Methodological Board

The scientific-methodological board of “Resources and Consulting” is an association of experts, possessing professional knowledge and skills in sustainable development, sound environmental management and nature protection, inclusive economy, green growth, environmental risks management.

The scientific-methodological board is aimed at implementation of measures to contribute to environment protection, to organize sound environmental management and promote environmental safety, to solve current issues in ecology and environmental management. The focus is placed on scientific, research, educational, communication programs and projects, development of practical and useful cooperation. 

The scientific-methodological board is a permanent consultative-advisory body of the science and technology center "Resources and Consulting" and includes scientists, practitioners and experts.

Perspective directions of work of the scientific-methodological board are:

— climate change and the global carbon market,
— energy efficiency and energy security,
— sustainable development and economic growth,
— economic methods of environmental management,
— assessment of the efficiency of the use of natural resources,
— environmental and economic indicators of the economy.
Georgy Fomenko Georgy Fomenko
Doctor of Geographical Sciences (specialty - economical and recreational geography), Professor
Sergey Bobylev Sergey Bobylev
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, of Russian Ecological Academy
Simon Avaliani Simon Avaliani
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Vladimir Streletsky Vladimir Streletsky
Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor
Marina Fomenko Marina Fomenko
Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Renat Perelet Renat Perelet
Candidate of economic sciences, academician of Russian Ecological Academy, honorary member of the International Club of Rome.
Elena Nikitina Elena Nikitina
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor